• Our community library is such a blessing to so many people from the community, its a safe place for children to come and learn and discover, we also make the library available to nearby schools to come during school hours. Our story time sessions and after school programs are always packed full of sided eyes children hungry to learn.  Donate a book today for just $10.00
  • The school drop out rate is staggering of young girls due to the lack of access of sanitary items. Teenage girls can miss up to a 1/4 of their school year and often fail and drop out of school just because of lack or access to sanitary items. You can help keep a girl in school for 12 months for just $20
  • For new mothers and their children living in poverty, the first part of a child’s life is critical for survival. Your donation will enable us to continue to work with new Mums and Babies to prevent premature death and malnutrition, to secure good health and enable positive development for babies and their caregivers and provide birthing kits and gift kits once the little baby has been born. The program aims for a child and their caregiver to be:

    • Physically healthy
    • Encouraged in self-confidence and able to build healthy relationships
    • Equipped with life skills
    • Given the opportunity to hear the gospel message

    Through New Mums and Bubs, you can help provide the support needed for the best start to life.