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Access to education is a human right but right now in North Eastern Uganda over 19,000 children have no access to an education. Operation Uganda has recently completed building a primary school in the district of Abim and now plans to build a secondary school for the hundreds of students waiting to attend.

Climb for Kids is a fundraising appeal that will leave a legacy by transforming an entire community in Uganda as we plan to raise $100,000 to build the secondary school.

You can become part of changing the future for a community by making a tax deductible donation.

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Abim District has 45 Primary schools, but just 4 Secondary Schools with over 19,000 children not having access to a secondary education, the need is not only obvious but also urgent.

Operation Uganda has recently completed construction of a 7 classroom primary school which currently has 480 students attending. The local government has approved land on a neighbouring site for construction of a secondary school. Operation Uganda is committed to providing vulnerable children access to an education as we believe it is fundamental in breaking the cycle of poverty.